How much is it and what does the cost cover?
Commit is $15 per person. This is for both students and chaperones. The cost covers your t-shirt, dinner Friday night, and lunch on Saturday.

Where do I stay?
At Commit, our church members have volunteered to house students and this is available on a first come, first served basis. Your group will split by gender and into smaller groups of 3-5 for each house. You can specify how many males and females your group has on the registration form. If your group prefers a hotel, there are several hotels near Commit. Click here for hotel information.

What should I expect?
Commit is a youth rally. There will be singing, fellowship, entertainment, a keynote speaker and classes.

Who can come to Commit?
Commit was designed for students in grades 6-12. We ask that you only bring students in those grades. Commit will not have classes, childcare, or entertainment for younger ages. As always, chaperones are welcome at the youth rally and there will be classes for the adults in your group.

Is there anything for adults to do?
Youth ministers and chaperones are welcome in all classes and times of worship. There will also be two classes during the weekend specifically for the youth ministers and adults.

Where's the schedule?
2016 Schedule

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